How to work with Tourism Currents – 6 ways to add us to your brain trust

Work with Tourism Currents Sheila and Leslie in front of Lockheed Electra at Amelia Earhart Hangar Museum Atchison Kansas during Heartland Byways
Sheila and Leslie getting a sneak peek at the Amelia Earhart Hangar Museum in Atchison, Kansas, after speaking at the Heartland Byways Conference in nearby Fort Leavenworth KS. Photo by Stephanie Liskey with Sailforth Productions.


Updated April 16, 2023.

Travel and tourism are definitely back with a roar. Are you finding it hard to stay focused and keep up with the pace of change?

So are we – you are NOT alone.

It’s been a rough few years, and the challenges seem to keep piling on. Just about everyone is tired, y’all.

Want someone in your corner who is a no-BS advisor and an experienced marketing learning resource?

That’s us.

Here is how to work with Tourism Currents . . . six ways to add us to your brain trust . . .

1)  Free search of our blog post archives – the Search box is on the right-hand side of the blog homepage. We’ve been in business and blogging about destination marketing since 2009, so we probably have the answers you’re looking for.

No luck in your search?

If you’re asking a question, then someone else probably is as well. We should fix that! Drop us an email at, which goes to both of us. We’ll give it our best shot in an answer back to you, and then probably write a blog post to fill that knowledge gap, too.

2)  Talk things over with us. 90 minutes. Phone or Zoom. Three 30 minute sessions, the whole 90 minutes at once; whatever you need to get the clarity and feedback that will get you on track and locked in. Our 90 Minute Consulting and Coaching is US$400.

Want to go deeper? Our social media audit will pinpoint where you are now on social, and what you need to do to build a stronger social media presence that helps bring visitors, guests, and customers. It costs US$850.

3)  Grab one of our on-demand webinars. We’ll help you with social media time management, or social media content calendar planning. They are US$35 each.

4)  Follow a path to success, with our Digital Tourism Marketing Roadmap Package.

There are three parts to the Roadmap:

  • A strategy session
  • A social media content planning session
  • A customized training session for your tourism partners.

We can do all of it in person, all online, or a mix of each.

The Roadmap Package is US$3500, plus travel if you want some or all of it delivered in person by us, which is always fun for everyone.

5)  Bring us in as event and conference speakers, or workshop facilitators.

Leslie is available for digital destination marketing and social media workshops, particularly in and around Whitefish, Montana, the U.S. Mountain West or Pacific Northwest, or virtual training to anywhere.

Sheila spoke recently at the Missouri Main Street Conference in Kansas City MO, the NTA Travel Exchange in Reno NV, and was the featured speaker at the 2022 Oklahoma Lt. Gov. Travel & Tourism Summit in Ardmore OK.

6)  Go big if you want to get a whole group up to speed on digital marketing, over the course of a few months, with our Hybrid Package.

We’ve done the Hybrid Package with a small town Chamber, a group of state historic sites, and a state Main Street organization. This usually includes pre-launch surveys, a kickoff workshop, an interactive mini-course via email, a series of tailored webinars, plus access to our self-paced online course in social media for tourism. Pricing varies depending upon how much we do in person – contact us to talk it over.

We are here for YOU.

PS. Want to know more about that beautiful shiny Lockheed Electra behind us in the photo at the top of this post? Here’s your sneak peek at the Amelia Earhart Hangar Museum, which opened in April 2023.


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