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Don’t want to go it alone? We’ll work with you as consultants and coaches.

We’re not your usual consultants. We’re not selling you anything other than knowledge and support. We don’t want to camp out in your office for a week, and we won’t ask for an outrageous retainer.

You get answers to your burning questions, on your schedule, as convenient as a phone call or online meeting.

Our team does a lot of work with small towns and rural areas in particular, helping them with tourism development, promotion, and marketing.

What can we do together?

  • Create a full social media training package for your organization (or your tourism partners) that includes some or all of our self-paced online course in social media for tourism, maybe a webinar series, and/or an email mini-course with small “homework” assignments.
  • Just need a few quick answers or ideas? How about an affordable 90-minute consulting session with us?
  • Get clarity and focus on your ideal visitors, guests, and customers, then do some detailed content planning, wrapped up with a social media workshop for your tourism partners. Take a look at our Roadmap Package to see if it is a fit for you.
  • Find more efficient ways to integrate social media marketing into your workflow.
  • Get a clear look at where you are on social media and where you need to go for more success, with our expert social media audit.
  • Develop digital marketing plans for your hotel or Main Street / downtown development organization.

We’ve trained a whole county in Iowa, 20 state historic sites in Texas, and 80+ Wisconsin Main Street partners, but we’ve also worked one-on-one with a small bed & breakfast in South Africa.

Think about what success would look like for your organization, then we’ll help get you there.

How can we support you?

This form gets your message to all of us; we’re listening and ready to help.

"Tourism Currents has a great way of connecting with those involved in destination marketing, no matter the size of the community or organization. Leslie and Sheila offer timely coaching in a manner that all can understand. I would recommend Tourism Currents to anyone looking to bring their social media efforts to the next level."
"The National Scenic Byway Foundation hired Tourism Currents as our preferred training partner to provide professional insight and technological communications support for Byway member training and education. As a result, the NSBF could concentrate our volunteer efforts on educational program planning knowing that they were facilitating our educational implementation.​ ​We have developed a professional relationship with Tourism Currents that we can rely on for advice related to tourism communications outreach.​"