Digital Tourism Marketing Roadmap Package


Get focus and clarity on your digital destination marketing – your ideal visitors, your marketing goals, the content to support your goals and attract those ideal visitors, and some educational help for your tourism partners. With our Roadmap Package you get personalized sessions with us to…

  • Help you get focused or re-focused on your overall digital destination marketing strategy, and
  • Develop a social media content planning calendar, and
  • Help your tourism partners with their social media and digital marketing, which makes your job easier.

The Roadmap Package also includes access to our multimedia self-paced online course in social media for tourism at no additional cost. Intro plus six lessons, one lesson per week. Ask us questions in any module, or in the Our Town Matters private Facebook Group that is included. Normally $649.00 per person.

Total Roadmap Package cost is US$3500.00 – we normally invoice half up front and the other half at conclusion.

Contact us to discuss details and get started. (If you detest contact forms, admin “at” tourismcurrents “dot” com reaches both of us.)

We can do the entire package virtually on Zoom. If you want us to work with you and your partners in person – which we are delighted to do! – we’ll need to add in travel costs from Texas and Montana.

“I think some of the most useful things that you have shown me is the ‘boiling down’ of our audiences and getting the most out of our posts by targeting them. Thanks again for all of your help on everything.”  James Johnson, CVB Marketing Director, Visit Mesquite TX



A digital tourism marketing roadmap for your journey (photo courtesy Peter Fazekas on Pexels)


Are you spending a lot of time on social media, but aren’t sure it’s getting you anywhere or doing anything for your destination?

Do you worry that despite your best efforts, you’re not as focused, efficient, and effective as you could be on social?

Would you like to get some clarity in your digital destination marketing strategy, a content plan you can actually use, and some help getting your tourism partners up to speed with today’s online marketing best practices?

That’s our Digital Tourism Marketing Roadmap package.

Meet Your Digital Tourism Marketing Challenges Head-On

Social media and digital communications can help DMOs reach a wider audience, build stronger relationships and better engagement, and improve search engine optimization in a world where people increasingly “Google it” first, then send an email or pick up the phone later… IF they like what they see online.

The answer to “why be on social media/do digital marketing” is not complicated.

It’s because your audiences are there.

That said, this is a fast-paced, rapidly changing environment. It is easy to feel overwhelmed by the many available options, and to be rightly suspicious of excessive hype (and there is a LOT of hype and bogus advice.)

To help your CVB or DMO take advantage of the power of digital marketing to attract the right visitors and build a strong brand, our Digital Tourism Marketing Roadmap Package includes a strategic planning session, then a content planning session, and finally some digital marketing training for tourism partners, plus access to our self-paced online course in social media for tourism.

All of this can be done virtually, but we are happy to consider in-person sessions if the public health situation allows. Specifically:

Digital Tourism Marketing Roadmap – What You Get


A Digital Marketing Strategy That Keeps You Focused


What – A strategy session (with some planning “homework” done ahead so we hit the ground running) to clarify your objectives and goals, ensure a consistent brand voice, and provide focus on the specific marketing objectives that will drive social content planning across all phases of the visitor journey – awareness, consideration, decision.

We help you define your audiences during this session, and here is how that helped Jessica McClellan, Director of the Mesquite, Texas Convention & Visitors Bureau . . .



How – A virtual gathering using our Zoom Pro account. We will record the session if you like. The intent is for you to walk away with a simple digital marketing strategy, and specific goals for the next 1-3 years to reach the “perfect visitors” that are a great fit for your destination.

Plan for 1-2 hours.

Social Media and Content Marketing Planning


What – In its simplest terms, content marketing is a combination of informational online content that is valuable to your audience because it “gives them what they’re Googling for,” and engaging content that helps you get found and builds trust/relationships. The secret to it is that there is no secret: you create content marketing success by planning for it, and we can help.


How – This will also be a Zoom event with some “do-ahead” work. We will record the session if you like. We’ll help you plan out what we call a “basket of content ideas” in a variety of formats (depending upon what is appropriate for you, the formats can include text, video, audio, photos, and graphics,) and then use that “basket” to create an editorial calendar of effective, engaging content for a week ahead, with plenty of ideas for the weeks after.

Note that similar content can be shared on different platforms, but not simultaneously and it must be crafted to fit the platform.

You will finish the workshop with a draft content calendar tailored to your marketing goals, with content ideas for different stages of the visitor journey. At your request, we’ll take a look at your draft calendar(s) in the following weeks, and provide feedback and suggestions.

Plan for about 2 hours.

Social Media Learning for Your Tourism Partners


What – We help your tourism partners with a fun, lively workshop on digital marketing basics – the fundamentals of a solid online and social media presence that markets their business/attraction/hotel AND the region as a whole. If your partners are more advanced, we can of course cover more advanced marketing topics. We always include a PDF of our slides and some handouts to help them even after the workshop is over.


We also offer DMO staff and partners our self-paced online course in social media for tourism. We keep it updated – as a knowledge bank that you can return to again and again – and clients never lose access. You can ask us questions in any course module, and in the private Facebook Group that is included.


How – Any partner that is interested can attend the digital marketing workshop (it will be recorded) and be enrolled in the online course.


The Bottom Line


We want you to walk away from this with clarity on your overall strategy, focus on your specific marketing goals, with a process for planning social media and digital content that supports your goals and WORKS, and to uplift your partners with the knowledge and confidence to better navigate today’s online marketing challenges.

Oh, and you’ll always have us in your back pocket as no-nonsense allies and advisors whenever you get stuck or have a marketing question.

Contact us to discuss details and get started. (If you detest contact forms, admin “at” tourismcurrents “dot” com reaches both of us.)



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