90 Minute Tourism Currents Consulting and Coaching Session


Want some straightforward advice and ideas for a burning question or a couple of thorny issues?

Looking for quick answers and help from tourism experts who won’t then pester you with upselling, or send a big bill?

We are not fans of “brain picking” but we certainly understand that there are times when you would like to talk through a few things with smart, honest consultants who will actually listen and give solid feedback, without selling you anything but knowledge.

A Tourism Currents consulting and coaching session means that we jump on a call with you or set up a Zoom (we’re pretty fun and entertaining on camera!) and together spend 90 minutes to help fix digital destination marketing problems that have been driving you nuts, or brainstorm ideas to get you started on a better path for your CVB, DMO, hotel, attraction, tourism partner business, EDC, or Main Street organization.



A Tourism Currents consulting and coaching session with us is all about no-BS, honest advice (with some fun thrown in – drink the shake!) Keeping it real at Clinton’s Soda Fountain in Independence, Missouri, where U.S. President Harry Truman worked as a boy.


Take advantage of our 50+ years of combined experience in tourism, particularly digital destination marketing and social media.

Get answers to your questions, get pointed in the right direction, and get ideas that will help you with your work in tourism, hospitality, or economic development.

We’re here to help, not pick your pocket or bother you with incessant follow-up to buy something else.

How does this 90-minute thing work?

Once your payment has cleared, we will get in touch ASAP to set up a call or a Zoom. If you’d like, we can do an exploratory call for 30 minutes to get the gist of your issue, then do a follow-on 60 minutes to work with you on it. We can do three 30-minute calls. We can also do the whole 90 minutes all at once.

Money back guarantee – within the first 30 minutes, if you don’t think that we are the right fit and it is not going well, we will happily refund your money.

Note: If you like the idea of a 90-minute call or Zoom with us, but your organization is not set up for this sort of credit card purchase and you need us to do an invoice instead, it is not a problem. Contact us and we’ll set up the 90 minutes that way.

We are Leslie McLellan and Sheila Scarborough from Tourism Currents – experts in digital destination marketing training and education.


“In a day and age where Marketing and Communications pros are expected to juggle print campaigns, digital campaigns, targeted marketing and communications across a plethora of social media platforms, as well as manage newsletters, blogs, e-blasts, and internal stakeholder communications, it’s next to impossible to stay on top of everything whirling around us. This is especially true if you also wear other hats, as so many of us do in the travel and tourism industry.

Fortunately, Sheila and Leslie are on standby and ready to help get you up to speed with a wealth of knowledge and first-hand experience to help you rock your Social Media Marketing efforts. Whether you’re just wading into the shallow end of Social Media or you’ve been swimming in the deep end for a while, they’ll share practical tips and tools to save you time, money, and headaches, while leaving you with resources to grow what you’re doing for the future.

Working with them is a no-brainer!”


Shane Sorenson Wilhelm, Director of Membership and Business Development for the Texas Travel Alliance




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