Need a speaker? Want some high-value personal training and interaction with us? We can assist you with in-person presentations.

Sheila and Leslie do extensive public speaking and training. You can arrange for one or two of us to present at your event, conduct workshops and seminars, or even do one-on-one training.

Social media marketing for tourism topics:

  • The Great Equalizer: How the Social Web Helps Any Destination Play in the Big Time —  intriguing stories of people and organizations (including those with a zero budget) who use social media to increase the vibrancy and visibility of their town/state.
  • How to Use Social Media to Attract Conferences and Meetings to Your Town — It’s a networking play, pure and simple, but you have to know where to find and connect with those meeting planners on social networks. We’ll show you how.
  • Promoting Your Special Events and Festivals on the Social Web —  We’ll explore some innovative ways to promote special events online using tools like Instagram, Facebook, and video.
  • Blog Highways: More (and Better) Blogging with Less Time —  Compelling online publishing that draws more traffic to your destination or attraction blog, and how to get more posts using video and photos.

Earning online media and working with travel bloggers:

  • Hosting Wired Press Trips and Fam Tours —  Bloggers and online publishers can connect you with new audiences. A fam tour is still a great way to share your destination with them, but today’s writers have different needs and perspectives. Learning their digital ways can result in tons of instant coverage for your destination.
  • Building a Local Network of Social Media Champions —  Oh, if only there were some people in town who could help us spread the word….  Well, they are out there, living right under your nose. Find them, approach them in the right way and give them the tools they need.  We’ll show you how.
  • Travel Blogger Outreach (But Wait, There’s More!) — Where to find the online publishers who are a good fit for your destination or attraction, and how to interest them in what you have to offer.  Hint: we will widen your scope way beyond travel bloggers.

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