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Exterior of Sonnier's Sausage and Boudin shop in Lake Charles Louisiana courtesy the Sonnier's Facebook Page
Not a local who knows about the delicious boudin sausage goodies sold here? The mostly windowless exterior of Sonnier's in Lake Charles, Louisiana might make visitors a little nervous because they can't clearly see inside before they enter, even if it IS on the Southwest Louisiana Boudin Trail. (photo courtesy Sonnier's Sausage & Boudin Facebook Page - click image to go to their Page)

Do you have great places to eat in your town that visitors might find a bit intimidating or even scary?

“We want to go where the locals go!” say many of your visitors.

Except when they get there, maybe they are uncomfortable about being in a not-very-fancy part of your town, or perhaps they see a rather scruffy exterior that leads them to wonder, “Will I be welcomed inside?” or “Is the food really THAT good in there?”

As destination marketers, we know that it’s easy to show off the “pretty places” but can be trickier to celebrate the equally-wonderful culinary tourism partners who are slightly rougher around the edges.

Maybe they’re in unexpected locations like out at the small town Kansas airport, or they create delicious sandwiches that you buy in the back of a liquor store, or they make awesome fried chicken in gas stations.

This is when you need to shoot video, and plenty of it.

If there was ever a time to “show, don’t tell” it is when marketing your unique, unusual, unexpected places to eat.

Make your visitors feel comfortablewelcomed, and confident that they’ll have a positive experience.

Spread that information across multiple digital marketing platforms, too, to reach a variety of audiences.

Shoot horizontally for regular YouTube, regular Facebook Page posts, and LinkedIn Page Posts.

Shoot vertically for Instagram and Facebook Reels, TikTok, Pinterest, and YouTube Shorts.

Make it quick, fun, informal, and encouraging. Take away the doubts and worry.

As an example of how to approach this, here is a guy we first learned about at the TBEX conference for travel media – Gerald Gruenig.

Gerald made a name for himself simply by running around Louisiana and enthusiastically eating at all sorts of places.

Look at his quick, fun YouTube Short video about the food at Creole Lunch Box in Breaux Bridge, Louisiana:



Go shoot some video, y’all!

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  1. I am president of Byway 136 – Heritage Highway in Nebraska. I would like to know great ways to promote all the attractions and events that we have. We do an event called Trail of Treasures™ that goes from the Missouri/Nebraska Border to the Colorado/Nebraska the first weekend in October.

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