Will tourism ever be the same? One big trend for 2022.

Big trend for 2022 Preikestolen Pulpit Rock Stavanger Norway by Francesca Emer on Picfair
Preikestolen (Pulpit Rock) overlooking Lysefjorden in Stavanger, Norway, by Francesca Emer on Picfair.

How about ONE big trend in 2022 for your digital tourism marketing?

The last thing our tired brains need right now is something like “10 Tourism Trends!” or “25 Ways That the Tourism Industry is Forever Changed!”

We are going to give you one thing to think about.

Spend more time and effort controlling what YOU can control.

It’s pretty simple, really. It’s not super-sexy and shiny. But it is powerful.

Tourism may never be the same post-pandemic, but it is partly responsible for driving a shift back to basics.

Here is what we mean…

When In Doubt, Focus on YOUR Platforms

Over and over in tourism conference hallway conversations, destination marketing Facebook Groups, and during our social media workshops, we hear some version of this:


“My Facebook Page reach and engagement is way down, even though I try every ‘trick in the book’ – mixing up media, posting when my Page followers are most active, using video, asking questions. What am I doing wrong?”


“Anyone else having problems getting new followers and better engagement on Instagram? Should I do more Reels or Stories? I’m a one-person team, though.”


“Social media has really lost its appeal for me; I’m so tired of this endless content-producing treadmill.”


Sound familiar?

Now throw in the constantly-changing features and requirements of each social platform – plus growing concerns about privacy and the often toxic nature of social commentary – on top of pandemic upheaval. Add in how impossible it can be to get customer service support on a platform unless you spend a lot of ad money there.

Who needs this mess?

Not us, and not you.

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More and more, we see CVBs, DMOs, and tourism partners starting to realize that they can’t control fickle algorithms and toxic platforms, but they CAN control these four things:

  •  Their website.
  •  Their blog.
  •  Their email list.
  •  Their SMS (text messages) subscriber list.

Take control of your energy, creativity, and time by asking yourself every day, “Have I made my own marketing assets as effective and powerful as possible before I spend time worrying about Facebook posts/Instagram Reels/tweets/TikTok/etc.?”

We are not saying to drop out of social media. Your visitors, guests, and customers are there, so you need to be there to connect with them.

We ARE saying that before spending all that time worrying about Facebook, for example, make sure you have:

  •  Planned SEO for your next blog post, or
  •  Worked to improve your email open rates, or
  •  Updated a key landing page on your website, perhaps with some new photos.

Your blog is a particularly powerful asset. Consider making it the hub of your online marketing efforts, with social platforms as supporting spokes. Click here so we can show you how Visit Austin TX did that successfully with their tourism blog, including basically making it their email newsletter (we love a two-for-one.)

Evergreen blog posts like answering FAQs, lists, how-to’s, tips, advice from locals, etc. will bring you valuable traffic for a long time (one of our top 10 posts is almost five years old!) Bringing people to your website this way gives you more opportunities to help visitors, guests, and customers by answering questions, getting email signups, providing a download, and putting additional pages and posts in front of them.

—->>  Related: don’t create content for just one social platform, or content that only lasts 24 hours. Get more content in less time by turning Stories into Pinterest Idea Pins and Reels into YouTube Shorts.

You can’t control social platforms or pandemics or natural disasters. Life is inevitably going to jerk you around. If you do a better job of controlling what you can control, and always focus first on the digital assets you own, you can take back a lot of time and brainpower.

What are your thoughts about our proposed big trend for 2022 in digital tourism marketing – controlling what YOU can control? We’d love to hear from you down in the comments.

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