Where to find Tourism Currents on social media

Tourism Currents on social media screenshot of the Tourism Currents Facebook Page

Screenshot of the Tourism Currents Facebook Page

There are several places on social media where we share useful marketing communications information for tourism.

Here is a quick list of how to find us on each one, what sorts of things we share, and how often we post (because we know that your time and attention are valuable.)

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Tourism Currents on Facebook

Where?  Right here on the Tourism Currents Page.

How often?  Usually once a day, Monday through Saturday.

Sharing what?  All kinds of destination marketing advice, particularly B2C.

—>>  Tip: to make sure you don’t miss our posts, select “See First” from the dropdown options on the Following button on our Page.

Facebook Page posts not being seen screenshot Tourism Currents Facebook Page See First option for followers

Screenshot of the Facebook Page “See First” option for followers


Tourism Currents on LinkedIn

Where?  Here is our LinkedIn Page.

How often?  Two or three times per week.

Sharing what?  There’s a bit more of a B2B slant here, with insights for DMO sales and meetings professionals, plus general items for any destination marketer.

Tourism Currents on Twitter

Where?  Follow us here on Twitter.

How often?  Usually a few times a day; more often if we are live-tweeting from a conference or participating in a Twitter chat.

Sharing what?  Breaking news relevant to tourism, upcoming tourism-related conferences and events (with the event hashtag so you can follow along,) some Q&A with our followers, and general destination marketing tips and advice.

Tourism Currents on YouTube

Where?  This is our YouTube channel.

How often?  Not often enough; we should be doing a LOT more video! *sigh*

Sharing what?  Short interviews with bite-sized takeaways – see our Quick Tips From Tourism Experts playlist.

Tourism Currents Blog

Where?  Right here, you’re on it!

How often?  Usually every other week, because we replicate most of our email newsletters here as blog posts, both for SEO and to re-purpose content.

Sharing what?  Free tips and advice on digital destination marketing.


—>>  What about Instagram and Pinterest?

Neither one makes sense for our marketing strategy right now, so we followed our own advice to clients and locked down Tourism Currents on Instagram and Tourism Currents on Pinterest. Now we have control of our brand name so no one else gets it, and the accounts are ready to go if we decide to get active on them in the future.

You should do the same for your brand/partner business name whenever possible on social media. Be clear in the bio that it is not currently an active account.

Thanks so much for your support!

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