What’s hot on our social media channels?

What's hot on social media? Rotary oil-fired melting furnaces at Aluminum Industries Inc in Ohio circa 1942 (courtesy The Library of Congress on Flickr Commons)

What’s hot? A lot it seems, in these rotary oil-fired melting furnaces at Aluminum Industries, Inc., in Ohio during World War II, 1942 (Photo courtesy The Library of Congress on Flickr Commons)

What are our followers interested in on Tourism Currents social media?

There’s an expression – “Eat your own dog food” – which is a rather gross way of saying, “Take your own advice.”

For years we’ve been encouraging clients and subscribers to integrate their destination marketing so that they don’t operate social channels, email, print, etc. in separate silos.

For years we’ve championed combining your email marketing for tourism with your social media marketing. You should tell your social followers about your email newsletter, and you should tell your email and blog subscribers about your social channels.

BUT, have we followed our own advice?

Not enough, we think.

Rather than shouting, “Follow us on social media!” we thought we’d quickly share with you the top recent post on each of our social channels.

We’d love your follows if you’re not with us already, of course, and Thank You.

On our Facebook Page

We’ll be honest; our Facebook Page engagement hasn’t been the greatest lately. We are following our own advice on Page engagement, but it’s a tough environment out there. Many DMOs and tourism partners have told us that their engagement is down, too.

People are tired.

They are mentally exhausted by pandemics, elections, natural disasters, etc. Don’t take it personally – we don’t – that folks these days often JUST DON’T CARE ABOUT YOUR THING.

We’ve noticed that a simple photo or graphic often does best.

Our most popular recent post on our Facebook Page (basically during this past month) was a screenshot image about media consumption habits and advertising spend, taken during a webinar.

On our LinkedIn Page

We like LinkedIn.

People are there to do business, not be silly or argue.

Here’s our advice about how to get more out of LinkedIn for tourism marketing.

Our most popular recent post on our LinkedIn Page was – yay! – a link to our own blog post, about how to do hashtag research on Instagram.

On our Twitter account

We share news, views, and insights on Twitter – it’s both a news channel and a customer service channel for us.

Here are 3 ways to use Twitter for tourism.

Our most popular recent tweet was something we heard by paying attention to downtown development and Main Street folks – mask issues and trust for downtown businesses.

Thanks for all of your support and feedback, either here or on social. Hang in there!


PS. Our whole focus is teaching you and/or your partners how to use digital destination marketing to bring more visitors to your town (when the time is right for that.)

Let us know if you need workshop or conference speakers – including virtual/webinars – or would like some personalized coaching and consulting.

If you want to bounce some ideas around about working with us, ping us through our Contact page.

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