What to do about TikTok?

Apollo 11 1969 alarm clock representing TikTok courtesy San Diego Air and Space Museum on Flickr Commons

Tick tock! An Apollo 11 alarm clock circa 1969 (courtesy San Diego Air and Space Museum on Flickr Commons)


Over 1 billion users in more than 150 countries, but are you allowed to talk to them?

It is a challenging time for marketers on TikTok.

In the U.S., we’re seeing a lot of TikTok bans on government-provided work devices and WiFi networks, because of privacy concerns.

The app is also forbidden in other countries (India and Taiwan, for example) and the Dutch General Affairs Ministry discourages the app’s use on government devices in the Netherlands.

This is the first time that we can remember a situation where a lot of marketers (who often work for government entities) are potentially unable to have a brand presence on a major social media platform.

We want to know more about how tourism organizations, hotels, economic development organizations, and their partners are handling this.

Please take our very short four-question survey about your current experiences navigating TikTok bans and your marketing efforts on the app. It should take about one minute.

We’ve turned on the Anonymous Responses setting in SurveyMonkey so that it won’t collect any information about you, including IP addresses. We will publish our findings once we’ve gathered as much data on this topic as we can.

Thank you VERY much.

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