Social media success – the most important steps cost nothing

Social media success requires planning calendar watch 1650 British Thomas Alcock Metropolitan Museum of Art public domain

A calendar watch, British, circa 1650. Watchmaker was Thomas Alcock. (courtesy the Metropolitan Museum of Art New York public domain photo collection)

It’s not sexy, but it’s true.

The most important moves that lead to social media success don’t cost you anything.

They’re free.

But they do have a cost in time and brainpower.

It’s a fair price to pay, we think.

Our March 27 breakout session next week at the 2018 Main Street Now annual conference about vibrant downtowns brought us to this conclusion.

In “Budget? What Budget? Main Street Social Media Marketing on a Shoestring,” we will cover a lot of territory on budget-friendly digital marketing, but our big takeaway is that setting marketing goals, planning content that supports those goals, and using scheduling tools to organize your publishing time are all free, but super-important.

Need a little help figuring it all out?

**  Here is our advice on a basic social media strategy.

The tl;dr version – Who is your market, where are they on social, how can you best reach them there?

**  “Make it make sense” – think about how your social media posts will support your strategy.

**  Getting it all set up – time management and productivity tips for tourism pros, plus we have an on-demand webinar about social media time management.

You’ll also save a lot of time and be MUCH more effective if you have a content marketing planning process.

We wish there was an easy answer to social media success, but there just isn’t.

At least the fundamentals that you need don’t cost anything.

Will we see you at Main Street Now 2018? Let us know down in the comments….

PS. Need a speaker or workshop facilitator for your webinar or conference? That’s one of the things we love to do.

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