Running out of content ideas? We can help.

Content ideas like this of children gathering potatoes in a basket northern Maine circa 1939 courtesy Library of Congress on Flickr Commons

What’s in YOUR basket of content ideas? Children gathering potatoes in a basket near Caribou, Maine, circa 1939 (courtesy U.S. Library of Congress on Flickr Commons)

After this past year, who can blame you for running a little short on creative energy?

Some days, it feels impossible to come up with any more content ideas for your tourism marketing, especially the endless demands of social media.

Brain lock sets in, and who can THINK of one more Facebook Page post or video idea or photo angle?

We are here to help!

If you’ve read our content planning process blog post, attended our content planning workshop, or signed up for our Content Plan for Next Week on-demand webinar, you know that we talk about “building a basket of content ideas.”

That “basket” gives you something to dip into and then plug into those open spots on your content calendar, instead of, well, making it up as you go along. 😊

Handwritten social media content planning calendar for one week

A simple social media content plan template for one week, on, yes, paper. Whatever works for YOU. The “basket of content ideas” is how you fill all those blank spots with good content that supports your marketing goals.


Here is one way we’ve found to fill that basket…

Inspired by the Content Fuel Framework Matrix

Now more than ever, we need simple, flexible tools to help us get things done.

During a recent MarketingProfs B2B Forum, Sheila heard an excellent presentation by Melanie Deziel from StoryFuel, about coming up with content ideas using her Content Fuel Framework. We bought a Kindle version of the book to learn more.

The Framework includes a matrix which could generate at least 100 ideas across a 10 X 10 matrix of Content Focuses and Content Formats.

The Content Fuel Framework Matrix by Melanie Deziel


What a great way to help our brains generate items to fill that basket!

You could easily take each Focus across the top of the matrix and tweak it for destination marketing (read the book to understand each one) but the Formats down the side gave us an idea.

What if we worked up a matrix that used tourism marketing goals across the top instead, just to get people started coming up with content ideas for each goal, in a variety of Formats?

Here it is as a Google Sheet spreadsheet, with us even filling in a few ideas in each block to get you started. Click the image to view it:

Screenshot Tourism Currents Basket of Content Ideas Matrix inspired by StoryFuel

Click the image to view our suggested matrix in Google Sheets.

If you like this sort of tool to help you build your own basket of content ideas, copy our planning matrix and go grab the whole Content Fuel Framework book so you can really drill down.

We scribbled around doing that, and even dropping off some of the Content Focuses and Content Formats that didn’t seem to fit DMOs all that well. In no time, we were coming up with lots of ideas for our current clients.

Contact us if you want to brainstorm content ideas, or any other strategic planning you may need. We are your no-nonsense, experienced resource, and we’d love to help.

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