How to repurpose Instagram carousels on LinkedIn

Screenshot of Instagram carousel graphics on Canva Will Threads Replace Twitter
Screenshot of a series of graphics created in Canva to make a Tourism Currents Instagram carousel post, about whether Threads will replace Twitter / X. The IG carousel is itself a repurposing of a blog post.

Need more LinkedIn post ideas?

You know I’m always advising tourism marketing folks to never make content for only one digital or social platform. Keep thinking of ways to repurpose and re-use every blog post, image, video, and audio file.

I wish that LinkedIn had a carousel option for posts, not just for LI ad carousels. You can post multiple photos in a grid on LinkedIn, similar to Facebook, but not carousels like you can on Instagram.

I’ve made a few graphics carousels for the Tourism Currents Instagram account, using Canva.

Canva is the not-so-secret tool for those of us who are not graphic designers, but who want to make visual content that doesn’t look hopelessly goofy and amateurish. After picking a Canva template and font early on, I’ve stuck with the same format so that my graphics posts keep a consistent brand look.

How could I repurpose Instagram carousels on LinkedIn?

They’re a tool that I use to present focused, educational digital marketing tips or insights, so the most logical social platform for repurposing them is the Tourism Currents LinkedIn Page.

The trick is to use the “Add a document” selection to your LI post, and upload a PDF.

The PDF’s pages can be clicked or swiped in carousel-like fashion on LinkedIn.

How to repurpose Instagram carousels on LinkedIn using PDF from Canva go to Add a document in LI post draft
Look for the "Add a document" option when creating a new LinkedIn post. That's where you can upload a PDF to make an ersatz carousel. You can also upload PowerPoint slides and MS Word documents.

The screenshot at the top of this blog post is how the graphics look in Canva as they were originally created for the Instagram carousel.

Now you’re going to download those exact same graphics from Canva, only as a PDF.

Look for the Share button, then in the dropdown from Share, look for the Download link.

Where to go on Canva to save carousel as PDF screenshot
Look for Share, then Download.

When you click Download, you’ll see a variety of File type options.

Look for the PDF Standard format.

Saving carousel as PDF on Canva select PDF as File type to save

Now you are ready to download the PDF using the big Download button.

Final step to download on Canva Instagram carousel to PDF screenshot

Below is what the PDF made by Canva looks like once it is uploaded and published as a LinkedIn Page post.

I mostly used the same verbiage in the LI post that I’d used previously in my Instagram carousel caption, minus the hashtags.

Hashtags do work on LinkedIn, and I’ve experimented with them, but they’re not as much of a feature or search assist as they are on Instagram.

Craft the content to fit the platform.

What PDF ersatz carousel made in Canva looks like in a LinkedIn post
Click through this image to see the LinkedIn post itself. Notice the little black arrow to the right on the orange graphic. That tells people to click through the images. On the LinkedIn mobile app, you can swipe the images to move through them.

How did this PDF LinkedIn post perform?

According to my LinkedIn Page’s analytics, the engagement rate for this PDF “carousel” post was 26.76%, even though I didn’t see as many comments or shares on it as I would have liked.

Still, I’ll take it!

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Experiment with a variety of media for your social posts; you may be surprised by what resonates with your followers.

There are rumors that vertical video is coming to LinkedIn, which already has me thinking about repurposing some of my YouTube Shorts and Instagram Reels on there.

Do you have questions or thoughts about content for LinkedIn Pages? Let me know in the comments.


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