Campground Social Media Training


You already know the hard part – how to help your guests build wonderful camping memories and incredible outdoor experiences. Now you’ll take that knowledge, those stories, that helpful attitude, and bring it online through social media channels, helping you reach many more customers around the clock and around the world.

This educational package includes:

  • Four different multi-part online multimedia lessons to get you started in social media marketing, including Q&A in every module
  • Two coaching calls with one of us
  • Membership in our private client Facebook Group, Our Town Matters

You can ask questions within the online lessons, which we keep updated with the latest information, so it becomes an ongoing “knowledge bank” for you.

Access never expires to the course materials or the Facebook Group.


Here is what’s included when you sign up for our special Tourism Currents Campground and RV Park Social Media Training package….


1)  Introduction Workshop: What IS this social media stuff, and why should I care? 

Includes an overview of strategic planning for social media tools and how it all works for destination marketing:

  • Explaining blogs and Twitter
  • Explaining Facebook, photo-sharing platforms, and online video
  • Video: How an organization gets started in social media
  • Video: How a city communications director monitors Twitter
  • Video: The benefits of photo-sharing

2)  Lesson 1: How to Listen (to the online conversations that matter to you)

  • Google listening tools
  • Listening on Twitter and Facebook
  • More free and paid monitoring services
  • Improve and refine your online listening
  • How to respond to what you hear
  • Video: How @SeattleMaven monitors Twitter for Seattle tourism
  • Video: Morning coffee with @SeattleMaven

3)  Lesson 2: Building a Home Base 

  • Tips for a better website
  • Building a better blog
  • You’ve started a blog; now what?
  • Why you need a Facebook Page
  • Using images, video, and audio to enhance your home base sites
  • Video: Blogging lessons learned

4)  Lesson 3: Intro to Outposts 

  • Twitter for tourism: why and how
  • Twitter Starter Pack: ideas for two weeks of tweets
  • Best ways to use social photography like Instagram
  • Best ways to get started shooting video
  • Other outpost services you can use to reach guests and visitors
  • LinkedIn for destination marketing
  • Video: How the Lynchburg, Virginia CVB uses outpost sites

**  Note:  You never lose access to our online course materials and we keep them updated with the latest information, which is important since social media tools can change quickly.

5)  Two coaching calls spaced over three months.

Learn even more with personalized digital destination marketing coaching from the Tourism Currents team. Extra tips and insights, plus lots of Q&A.

6)  Get your specific questions answered by us in the Comments section of each Lesson module.

7)  Access to the Our Town Matters private Facebook Group, with members from around the world. Share ideas, network, get answers to your questions.

Get those guests lined up to stay at your place!


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