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Using an index card to organize social media content Tourism Currents

Keep your social platforms straight when you’re “out in the field” collecting and organizing social media content.

We are all about keeping it simple, and we bet that you are, too.

Some photos, video, and audio are a better fit for audiences on LinkedIn than on Facebook.

Some video is better shot vertically (for Instagram) and some is better shot horizontally (regular YouTube, but not YouTube Shorts, which need to be vertical).

Some photos would be great as an individual tweet, and others would be better as an Instagram photo carousel or a 3-4 photo montage on Facebook.

Note: we are not fans of posting the exact same thing at the exact same time across multiple social channels. You don’t save time by doing it wrong; you waste time. Always craft the content to fit the platform and audience!

If you’re out in town or in the field gathering raw materials for social content – particularly if you are at a festival or event and actually posting to social on the spot – it can be hard to keep it all straight.

That’s the point of the image above, which we thought you might find helpful.

Sheila was doing some content work for the Waco, Texas tourism folks, and she used that 4 x 6 index card to keep her various social media posts organized.

Some platforms have multiple ways to post. On Instagram you can do a single photo, a photo carousel, a video set to music (Reel), a regular video, and a Story. It’s good to have each of those options listed as a reminder.

In several situations, she posted one item to her personal profile and another one to a brand Page, like our Tourism Currents LinkedIn Page.

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Don’t forget to sort, organize, and edit your raw materials later – usually on desktop, which is easier. Give photos, videos, and audio files descriptive file names, for example, so you can find them by searching for keywords rather than scrolling and scanning.

When you’re “out and about” collecting content, it’s easy to lose track of what you’ve got and where you posted it. How do you do it? Would an index card work for you? Let us know in the comments…

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