New LinkedIn features for your tourism marketing

New LinkedIn features for tourism example of a template post for a text post with colorful background can do stickers and links too

Looks like one of those colorful Facebook text posts, doesn’t it? Nope, it is a “template post” on our LinkedIn Page – one of the new LI features.


There is a lot going on with LinkedIn these days. How do your LI personal profile and Page look?

It is the world’s biggest social network; over 875 million members in more than 200 countries and territories. Your destination, attraction, hotel, or business Page on LinkedIn is your organization’s storefront on the platform.

Is your Page claimed, completed, and then updated regularly?

Are your staff personal profiles updated and active?

We have two popular blog posts about LinkedIn for tourism marketing for you to skim/review:

**  How to build a successful LinkedIn Page for tourism

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Even if you’ve already incorporated our ideas and suggestions in those two blog posts, you might have missed some more recent changes and upgrades to the platform.

Here is a good summary from LinkedIn of the most recent changes, particularly for LI Pages, and here are a few of the new features we want to highlight:

1) LinkedIn Audio Events

This is LinkedIn’s answer to Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces.

You could use it to gather people together for casual audio conversations on various industry and professional development topics. Listeners join and participate from their LinkedIn profiles.

Pages do not have access to this feature yet, so you would run it from your personal LI profile.

2) “Template” customizable text posts

As you can see in the example at the top of this blog post, this is LinkedIn’s answer to those colorful Facebook text posts. You can make one as a Page or as a personal profile.

It’s currently only available when you create a post on the LinkedIn app, not desktop.

You can also add a clickable link sticker to your template post, similar to link stickers in Instagram Stories.

Step-by-step for LI template posts.

3) Show your organization’s commitment to certain principles and values by using the Page Commitments feature

You’ll need to set this up on desktop for your Page, and it will show up in your Page’s “About” section.

Current available organizational commitments include:

  •  DEI / Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
  •  Work-life balance
  •  Social impact
  •  Career growth and learning
  •  Environmental sustainability

You can add up to five Resource links that demonstrate your organization’s adherence to your Page Commitment.

We knew that “career growth and learning” was perfect for us, not only for ourselves as a business, but for our clients as individuals.

Here is a screenshot of what our Tourism Currents Page Commitment to career growth and learning looks like in our Page’s About section:

Screenshot Tourism Currents LinkedIn Page Commitments in About section Oct 2022

Our Page Commitment to career growth and learning, for our business and for our industry clients.


4) Respond to posts and conversations on LinkedIn either as your personal profile, or respond/interact as your Page

This is a good way to get your destination, attraction, hotel, or business Page in front of people who might not otherwise know about it.

Here is what the dropdown feature looks like to toggle between profile and Page…

Screenshot of dropdown on LinkedIn to interact as a personal profile or a Page

On posts in your LinkedIn feed, look for the dropdown symbol next to your profile image. Click that to see a popup box with your Page as an option to respond, click the button next to it, then click Save. You will be acting as your Page while interacting on that particular post.


If your LinkedIn profile or Page need some attention, now is the time to spiff them up and put them to work for you.

Let us know if we can help.

If you are attending the TBEX North America travel creator, influencer, and blogger conference in Lafayette, Louisiana next week (a great opportunity for CVBs and DMOs to connect with travel creators) our co-founder Sheila will be doing a breakout session on how to get more out of LinkedIn.

Update – here are her TBEX slides –


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