Meet travel bloggers and influencers at these conferences

Meet travel bloggers and influencers at conferences like TBEX North America 2022 in Lafayette LA networking Lake Charles LA table

The Visit Lake Charles, Louisiana table during speed networking at TBEX North America 2022 in Lafayette LA.

(Last post update – June 17, 2024)

Make media connections IRL (In Real Life.)

Have you wondered which travel blogger and influencer conferences can help you make the media connections that result in coverage for your destination, attraction, or hotel?

Here are some ideas to consider as you budget for events to attend…

Women in Travel Summit (WITS)

This is a growing conference and community focused on women in travel.

There are speed networking sessions, but also a diverse array of panels and presentations, plus pre- and post-conference tours. Learn more here about the Women in Travel Summit.

Update Jan 2019 – there is now a Women in Travel Summit Europe as well, although that may have been a one-off event.

TBEX (North America, Europe, and Asia Conferences)

The first TBEX (originally called the Travel Blog Exchange) was in 2009; it is one of the longest-running and largest online travel media gatherings.

There are annual conferences in North America, Europe, and Asia. New in October 2024 is TBEX Africa in Durban, South Africa. (TBEX Africa was cancelled in Feb 2024)

TBEX includes speed networking sessions, panels/presentations, and pre-/post-conference tours. Learn more here about TBEX.


This travel creator conference had a successful run of three events, but then shut down after COVID.

As of late 2023, founder Matt Kepnes (Nomadic Matt) has decided to bring it back.

TravelCon 2025 will be held March 14 – 16 in Tucson, Arizona.

Travel Journalism Associations
(SATW, NATJA, etc.)

Some of the world’s associations for travel writers and photographers were slow to accept bloggers and online publishers. Most have changed, but you may still find more print writers at their conferences.

In October 2018, an international travel journalism collaboration project was launched between the British Guild of Travel Writers (BGTW), the Australian Society of Travel Writers (ASTW), and the Society of American Travel Writers (SATW). It will be interesting to see if this results in a co-hosted conference at some point in the future.

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Meanwhile, here’s the 2024 SATW conference in Istanbul, Turkey, and info on the NATJA (North American Travel Journalists Association) annual conference.

Here is the British Guild of Travel Writers, the Australian Society of Travel Writers, and the Travel Media Association of Canada.

Midwest Travel Network

This is also a newer event, to connect travel bloggers and influencers in the U.S. Midwest region with Midwest CVBs and DMOs.

We spoke at the inaugural 2018 conference and were impressed by how many Midwest DMOs were there, and how many excellent opportunities there were for networking.

Some DMO sponsors at the first Midwest Travel Network conference in Clear Lake Iowa (photo by Sheila Scarborough for Tourism Currents)

Some DMO sponsors at the first Midwest Travel Network conference in Clear Lake, Iowa (photo by Sheila Scarborough for Tourism Currents)

The 2025 Midwest Travel Network Conference is in Grand Island, Nebraska.

Other Events

Travel Massive has get-togethers around the world where travel enthusiasts can mingle.

There are travel blogging events on Meetup.

The Wanderful women’s travel community has Wanderful local chapters called hubs.

The Social Travel Summit is a small European event to bring together travel influencers and brands. (May be defunct)

Update 18 Oct 2018 – our friend Kaitie with Discover Lehigh Valley in Pennsylvania sent in a tip about a U.S. Mid-Atlantic states travel media event –

“For destinations in the Mid-Atlantic (PA, VA, WV, DE, MD), we have the Mid-Atlantic Tourism Public Relations Alliance (MATPRA). We’re a membership-based organization which makes us a bit different from those events listed above, but we do welcome any DMO within those five stats (as well as Washington DC) to join.

Annually, MATPRA hosts a Media Marketplace that typically features about 60 DMO representatives, between 50-60 travel journalists, and a handful of professional speakers (editors, freelancers, etc.) for panel discussions. Marketplace is a three-day event that is a mixture of an open media exchange, meals for networking, and FAM tours through the host destination that both DMOs and journalists participate in, allowing for networking to happen through the full three days.”

Update 14 Nov 2018 – Nienke Krook sent us this info via email –

“Just to let you know that some friends of mine run ‘Traverse Events‘, one of the leading travel blogging conferences in Europe. They also run a video conference called KeyFrame, some elite conferences on location and many other (tourism industry) social events. Thought you might want to add them to your list:

I’ve also been part of the Social Travel Summit (you list it just as a ‘small’ event, but it’s actually the only travel blogging conference in Europe focused on professional bloggers and one of the best ones out there in my opinion!) and I’ve just returned from TBC Asia, a travel blogger conference and awards ceremony with pre-trips around the country, that is managed together with the PTBA (Professional Travel Bloggers Association) each year: (Also known as Cinnamon Travel Bloggers Conference, in Colombo, Sri Lanka in 2022.)

Another fantastic event is PING Festival in Helsinki which is, apart from travel influencers, also focused on general digital marketing and a great place to connect with bloggers:


Did we miss a great event where CVBs and DMOs can meet online travel media, travel bloggers and influencers? Let us know down in the comments….

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