May 2012 – big changes for us, new learning for you

Leslie McLellan joins Tourism Currents (courtesy Just A Small Town Girl on Facebook)The social web – its impact amplified and strengthened by the ongoing explosion of mobile communications – is truly a gift for destinations, attractions, hospitality, economic development, and businesses that depend upon tourism.

Social media gives you the communications muscle, the power, the platform to tell your story to the entire world, and then invite them to visit you and be a part of that story.

We want to do more to help you succeed with these extraordinary opportunities….teach more, guide more, report back from the future (and the current trenches) more, offer more to teach you what you need to know, when you need to know it.

Today, we’re proud to announce another way for us to do that:  our training team is growing.

We’re thrilled to announce that Leslie McLellan is joining us here at Tourism Currents!

Leslie blogs at Just A Small Town Girl (you know we love that name,) speaks and writes about social communications. Her presentations on no-budget marketing were big hits at BlogWorld and New Media Expo’s Tourism track, and at two of Jeff Pulver’s 140 Characters Conferences. She has decades of marketing, public relations, and communications experience; much of that is in destination marketing, most recently for Lake Arrowhead, California.

She is also bringing additional educational expertise and training materials specifically for small businesses that depend upon tourism for their success; we think this is ideal for the many CVBs and DMOs who know that their members/partners desperately need more information and training in social media, but don’t have the time or resources to do it themselves. We can now help you more with that.

Say hi to Leslie on Twitter at @LeslieMcLellan and at Just A Small Town Girl on Facebook.


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  1. And just when we thought Tourism Currents couldn’t get any better! Congratulations on the the news that Leslie has joined your team. She is a wonderful person and tremendous tourism marketer. Her kindness, experience and knowledge is a great addition to Tourism Currents. Our very best wishes to you all! Doug at the Authentic Seacoast

    • Thank you, Doug – we knew you’d get particular enjoyment from the announcement since you and Leslie were so terrific together at BlogWorld. We feel very fortunate to have her!

  2. Tourism Currents expanding, you must be doing many things right. Congrats.

    I haven’t been to Lake Arrowhead yet. Do they have horseback riding available at Lake Arrowhead?

  3. HI Nancy! Lake Arrowhead has lots of beautiful riding trails through the mountains, however there are no businesses that offer horseback riding to the public. There have been several over the years, but the insurance is just too much for that type of seasonal business to afford. I have 2 horses, live across the street from the national forest, so for those that live here or care to trailer their horses up, the riding is terrific.

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