10 Main Street and economic development blog post ideas

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We were recently together in person for the first time since March 2020, when we spoke at the Heartland Byways scenic byways conference in Leavenworth, Kansas. This photo at the C.W. Parker Carousel Museum inspired us to go ahead and activate our Tourism Currents Instagram account, too. Are you following us? (photo courtesy Stephanie Liskey from Sailforth Productions – website development and video production)

Tourism is part of economic development.

Awhile back we shared Maura Gast’s Maxim – “If you build a place that people want to visit, you’ll build a place that people want to live, and work, and where businesses will want to be” – in our blog post about local connections, tourism, and economic development – take control.

The crippling of the travel and tourism industry at the height of the ongoing COVID pandemic, and the terrible ripple effects that it had in our communities, taught (or reminded) everyone of that interconnectedness.

We’re excited to return for the third time to speak at the annual U.S. Main Street Now conference; our co-founder Sheila Scarborough will talk about efficient, effective social media marketing for economic development.

Part of that presentation will cover Main Street and EDO (Economic Development Organization) blogs.

Blogs are a powerful way to help with…

  • Online visibility and search engine discovery
  • Talent attraction
  • Reputation management
  • Building relationships and networking with business prospects and your current community, including local entrepreneurs.

A blog lets you tell your story your way, and be as awesome ONLINE as you are OFFLINE.

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Leslie and Sheila have both been blogging for many years, and they know that while a blog is pretty easy to start, it can be hard to keep going, especially if you don’t have a plan and a content calendar that support your organization’s overall mission and specific marketing goals.

Main Street and Economic Development
Blog Post Ideas

Here are some content ideas to get you started…

1) FAQs. If you do nothing else, have blog posts that answer each of your top 5 – 10 most frequently asked questions. If people are asking the same things over and over in person, on the phone, via email, and in social media comments or messages, they are Googling it, too. Give them what they’re Googling for! These posts will bring you traffic for years. Have a plan for frequent review and update of each post.

2) Workforce development and schools. Can businesses find the right employees in your community? What are you doing to help with that? Highlight your partnerships with local high schools, apprenticeship programs, community colleges, tech institutes, and universities.

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3) Entrepreneurial assistance (including funding) and news. Do not become so enamored with bringing in outside businesses that you overlook your own homegrown businesses and successful entrepreneurs. Here is information related to entrepreneurship in Round Rock, Texas on a Chamber site, in addition to Chamber News articles that are blog posts by another name.

4) Infrastructure and transportation. Any recent improvements in your roads, or broadband availability, or ports/airports, or rail assets? In the U.S., do you have projects in the works as a result of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law / Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act? Have you made structural improvements to your downtown/Main Street to make it more appealing and walkable?

5) Available land, facilities, and downtown or Main Street district location opportunities. Obviously these will need to be updated frequently. A website page with the latest info could anchor this topic for you, with occasional blog posts about land/facilities that are particularly appealing.

Make sure you include plenty of photos and video, including 360 video. Put those videos on your YouTube channel, and in the video description, link back to your amplifying website page or blog post information for each video. If you do any livestreaming, like a Facebook Live, download that raw video file and upload it to your YouTube channels as well.

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6) Business success stories – project wins, awards, recognition, major media coverage.

7) Virtual tours, walking tours, 360 video tours, tours of locally-owned independent businesses. An example – the Treasures on the Waterfront series by the Gig Harbor, Washington Downtown Waterfront Alliance. Another – 360 familiarization video tours from the One East Kentucky economic development organization.

8) Your housing situation, including places to live in the Main Street district/downtown and those that offer “live over your shop” setups. Affordable housing for employees is top of mind these days.

9) Health care facilities. With the closure of so many clinics and hospitals in U.S. rural areas and smaller towns, you need to address this right up front if that’s your situation.

10) Community spirit, arts, and cultural assets. Talk about the people, events, outdoor spaces, traditions, and culture that make your town special.

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What did we miss for Main Street or economic development blog post content ideas? Do you have a favorite Main Street or EDO blog? Share a link down in the comments.

PS. Forward the link to this blog post to a Main Street or economic development colleague or friend, if this is not your primary marketing focus. Thanks!

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