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Kick start your tourism blog (Kick in the Sand photo courtesy Yoram Schaffer on Flickr CC)

Let’s get things moving on your blog in a way that really works for you. (Kick in the Sand photo courtesy Yoram Schaffer on Flickr Creative Commons – click the photo to see the original)


This blog post was last updated 19 November 2022

Have you just started a blog for your destination, attraction, or hotel, or are you wondering how to ensure that your current blog effectively supports your overall strategy and marketing goals?

A blog can be one of the most powerful tools in your marketing arsenal.

It is digital communications that YOU control – different from social media platforms like Facebook, which is constantly changing to suit itself.

A blog’s frequent, fresh content helps your website SEO (Search Engine Optimization) sometimes for years, as people keep finding you through your popular posts.

What topics should you blog about?

The first thing to do is to make sure you create those evergreen posts, the “gifts that keep on giving” in terms of website traffic.

To do that, take a close look at two sections of your website Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools/Search Console (including your Bing Webmaster data) to find….

1.  The most popular pages/posts over the last year or so, and

2.  The search queries or words that people use the most that land them on your site.

Now that you have that information….

For #1 – Write more blog posts about the stuff that is already popular.

For example, if one of your popular posts or site pages is “places to eat in YourTown,” then write more posts with variations on food searches: places to eat with kids or family-friendly places to eat, local coffee shops with WiFi, a photo essay on places to find vegan or gluten-free food, a video post on local craft breweries/brewpubs, local places to eat breakfast or brunch, a custom map as part of a post on where to eat near your convention center, best restaurants for a romantic dinner, etc.

For #2 – Make sure there is at least one blog post that directly answers the top 10 most popular search queries. Give people exactly what they are Googling for!

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Bonus: ensure that you have blog posts that answer each of the top 10 questions people ask in person at your Visitors Center, your front desk or welcome desk, or over the phone. Yes, some of those will be the same as online queries, but some will not and you’ll cover more search possibilities.

How often to publish a blog post?

Aim for one post per week to start.

If that seems overwhelming, make it every other week or twice a month, and be patient. A blog often takes 6-9 months to really get traction and traffic, but too many give up just as it is beginning to return big dividends.

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Do you have a favorite blogging tip? Tell us about it down in the comments….


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