Is it safe to travel to your town? How will visitors know?

Is it safe to travel notice Google search results for safety info

Start typing in the Google search box, and you’ll get suggested search terms based on what other people are searching. We started with simply “is it safe to… “


We always say to give them what they’re Googling for.

Do you and your tourism partner websites, your social media, and (especially!) your partner Google My Business listings have the best answers right now?

We decided to use the easiest way to see what people are looking for in this moment: we simply started typing, “Is it safe to… ” in the Google search box, just to see what would come up.

(Another tool that gives you an interesting graph of current search questions is Answer The Public. Terrific for blog post headlines and content that answers those questions, which helps your SEO.)

What surprised us, months into a global pandemic, is how many of the search queries that dropped down were related to travel. Look at the screenshot above. It includes queries about the safety of flying, of travel in general, of travel “right now,” of travel to Mexico, and whether beaches and hotels are safe.

People want to know – is it safe to travel? Of COURSE they are Googling the question.

They are also Googling to find out current hours for your attractions and partner retailers, whether your restaurants have inside or outside dining, mask requirements, whether your hotels are following cleaning protocols, where they can go with their dog in your area, where they can find clean public restrooms “near me,” where they can safely go with kids, whether your campgrounds or RV parks have openings, and more.

Let’s take a guess as to how easy it is to get quick, accurate answers to these questions… 🙄

And no, most travelers these days are not going to make a phone call to find out. They will look for the information online – likely on the go, on their phone – and if what they need isn’t there, they will move on.

If you are a CVB, DMO, or Tourist Board, devote extra effort right now to getting your tourism or Main Street partners to do what we call The 2 Things basics for online marketing – claim and update their Google My Business listings, and run a complete, frequently-updated, engaging Facebook Page.

To help today’s traveler, do this:

** Create helpful COVID updates for your Google My Business listing that will show up when people search.

**  Create helpful COVID-tagged updates for your Facebook Page that will answer visitor, guest, and customer questions.

Want people to feel safe and confident if they choose to travel? Answer their questions with your website, social media, and Google My Business.

If you do not, your competitors will.

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