How to measure Facebook Page engagement

Measure Facebook Page engagement with this measuring tape


Does thinking about Big Data give you a Big Headache?

You know that you need to be using data and stats to track social media successes or failures in a coherent way.

You know that simply counting up your followers every month doesn’t really tell you whether your social media work is helping you meet your marketing communications goals, or not.

But every time you’re ready to dive into those piles of numbers and graphs, you find it a little overwhelming.

Piles of stats do not equal useful information.

Where to Start?

Let’s start with the most important social platform: your destination, attraction, hotel, or tourism partner business Facebook Page.

Facebook is the most important social network, because just about everyone’s visitors, guests, or customers are there. You need to be where they are.

To get started measuring like a boss, take a small set of baseline stats for your Page, then re-take those stats every month, to see if there is improvement.

Your Page’s Insights section is full of useful data that only an administrator can see, but to keep things super simple – because you have ENOUGH to do, right?! – let’s pick one key stat to track and follow over time.

Start with your overall Page engagement rate. You want to see that rate increase over time.

That means your posts are getting in front of more people, being shared by more people, and making more people think about you as a place to visit, stay, or shop.

7 Steps to Measure Overall Page Engagement Rate

Start with the previous full month’s worth of data. This should take about 10-15 minutes to do.

Let’s see what you had for last month: September.

1)  Log in as a Page Admin.

2)  Click the Insights tab at top of Page —> then click the Reach tab on left sidebar —> then change dates at top to Start 9/1/2016 and End 9/30/2016. Data will re-sort itself to show September information.

3)  Go to next box down: Post Reach.

4)  Click Organic under Benchmark. Write down the number in the “Your Average This Period” box. This is the average number of people who were reached by your Facebook Page posts during September.

5)  Go to next box down:  Reactions, Comments, and Shares (each considered a type of engagement.)

6)  Under Benchmark, click each one to get a “Your Average This Period” number for each. Add those up. This is a total of the average number of engagements with your Facebook Page posts in September.

7)  Divide the total of the average number of engagements by the average Reach number, multiply by 100 to get a percentage, and that’s your overall Facebook Page engagement rate for the month.

Here’s the formula:

Avg Reactions + Avg Comments + Avg Shares for the month

                         _______________________________________________      X 100 for %

Average Post Reach for the month


There you have it. You’re on your way to making a pile of numbers give you actual insight into whether your social media is working.

Want that engagement rate percentage to go up and keep going up? Start here – how to get more eyeballs and engagement on your Facebook Page.

Does this make sense to you? What works for you to get that percentage going up each month? Let us know down in the comments.

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