How to do social media marketing in the least amount of time on the computer

One of our charter members asked a great question about social media marketing for tourism: How do I do it in the least amount of time on the computer?

One of the biggest roadblocks we hear consistently is “lack of time.” We understand this all too well ourselves. Becky is an incredibly busy small business owner (with four businesses) and Sheila is a professional writer and speaker, a parent of two and writes for three different blogs. Sheesh! No wonder we’re tired! And you are just as busy.

So we developed our online course with busy professionals in mind….with you in mind. In each lesson, we’re constantly including ways to save time or to combine efforts, often with checklists. Here are some of our favorite time savers in the courses:

Becky also offered some suggestions on how to manage your social media marketing time at Small Biz Survival.


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