Rocking out with digital marketing – Glacier Symphony shows you how it’s done!

Glacier Symphony performs with Jeans 'N Classics and show us how to rock our digital marketing.

Glacier Symphony performing with Jeans ‘N Classics at Kalispell, Montana


Do you want to get your community excited about one of your organizations, one of your businesses, one aspect of your community that makes it stand out? We know your answer is . . .


When we at Tourism Currents come across examples of digital marketing that rocks, we love to share those examples with you.

Better to show you how it’s done rather than tell you, right?

Here is a great one that knocked it out of the park with its follow-up social media.

In the city of Kalispell, Montana you’ll find the Glacier Symphony. For 40 years, the Glacier Symphony and Chorale has brought a wide range of musical experiences to the Flathead Valley.

Leslie recently attended one of their events titled “The Ultimate Symphonic Rock Show” which paired the symphony with the rock group Jeans ‘n Classics. The town’s brand-new performing arts center was packed, and the concert was an overwhelming hit with locals and tourists alike. Leslie enjoyed it so much that she added a comment to a follow-up post on Glacier Symphony’s Facebook page.

That was where we saw the fabulous social media follow-up that the symphony did.

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Below you will see how the Glacier Symphony rocks digital marketing. We knew we needed to share it to give you some solid ideas of how to “up the ante” with your own social media and digital marketing.


Rocking Facebook,
Glacier Symphony style


It started with this post:


Glacier Symphony rocks digital marketing via their Facebook Page post.


Then the comments started rolling in, and look at the responses:


Glacier Symphony rocks digital marketing via their responses from their Facebook post


And more came in . . .


Glacier Symphony rocks digital marketing via their second set of rocking responses to their Facebook post.


And on and on it went.

What do you notice here?

Not only did Glacier Symphony write back personally to each comment, but they took the time to personalize each reply by using the commentor’s name and including a variety of emojis.

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What a fun way to interact with those who took the time to comment!

Glacier Symphony shows you how to rock Instagram

Next, we looked at their Instagram page and were once again impressed with how they not only showcased the event, but how they also highlighted fundraising and the importance of bringing music to the Valley (be sure to have your sound on when you click the above link):


Glacier Symphony rocks digital marketing via their Instagram post.

The symphony’s philosophy regarding social media is rock solid

We reached out to Paulina Crum, Marketing and Public Relations Associate for Glacier Symphony, and asked what her philosophy is with regard to social media.

She told us:

“My central goal with social media is to be timely, responsive, and grateful. Especially in the business of experiences, I provide a launchpad for people to share what they just saw, heard, thought, and felt. Beyond providing that space for conversation, it is an important opportunity for us as businesses to thank them for spending their time and money with us.

Plus, sharing these photos from an experience or an event triggers good memories, and users can reshare these with their network of friends which creates a word-of-mouth effect, while also extending the enjoyment and impact of the event, even well after it has come to an end. All of these elements should lead to positive relationship-building with your audience.

If a customer takes time to share a review on your page, give them your time by expressing positivity and gratitude back to seal that customer’s positive feeling about your business or event.”

Sage advice from Paulina, and something everyone should remember!

And finally, rocking email marketing

But the symphony was not done yet.

A couple of days after the event, they sent out a newsletter with a cute heading and graphic that was attention-grabbing:


Glacier Symphony says... Just your symphony saying Hi!

Glacier Symphony rocks their email marketing by saying hi and sharing some updates.


We talk a lot about engagement and building a relationship with your audience. Glacier Symphony rocks digital marketing because they respond quickly and personally. One direct result of that is that Leslie is now strongly considering signing up as a Symphony donor/annual supporter.

It doesn’t get much better than this, don’t you think? We hope this gives you some ideas for your future posts and engagement with your visitors, guests, and customers!


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