Get more content in less time with Idea Pins and YouTube Shorts

More content in less time screenshot YouTube Short video about January Letterpress cards in Waco TX

This screenshot is of a YouTube Short, which is YouTube’s competitor to Reels and TikTok. It gives you the SEO power and longevity of YouTube in addition to the temporary buzz of those other platforms. Full video embed is further down in this blog post.


Last update – 6 October 2023

We are ALL about repurposing and creating more content in less time. We figure you are, too.

From our early thoughts about content and chocolate milkshakes, to a more recent post on how to do content repurposing with blog posts, we are constantly looking for ways to get more mileage out of social media content (and then teach you how to do the same.)

People are already overloaded – especially “mighty teams of one/two/three” – and no one has time to create bespoke content for every digital channel.

Neither do we, a “mighty team of two.”

In our social media marketing workshop called Get More Out of Your 24 Hours: Creating More Content in Less Time, we go into a bunch of detail on this, but right now we’d like to share our most recent repurposing tip…

Get More Out of Stories, with Pinterest Pins

In a classic case of “getting out of your own head,” neither of us pay much attention to Stories in our own personal Instagram and Facebook feeds, but since a lot of people DO, we learned how to make them.

While we like the narrative structure of Stories, and the stickers/gizmos so you can add locations, hashtags, and outbound links (new! yay!) we do not like the idea of content disappearing after 24 hours.

Who has time to create marketing materials that disappear and don’t keep working for you? Do you?

Colorful graphic Nope photo by Sheila Scarborough


We didn’t think so.

Here is our idea . . .

Other than the obvious move, which is to share a Story between your Instagram and Facebook accounts (NOT at the same time, and be careful about broken tags and excessive hashtags) what else can you do with it?

First, make sure you turn on the setting to archive and save your Facebook Story after its 24-hour run (your Instagram Stories are automatically saved in your Stories Archive.)

You can save an Instagram Story as a non-disappearing Highlight on your IG account profile, and you can also save a Facebook Story to a Highlight-like “Featured Collection” on a personal Facebook profile (though not a FB Page, at least not that we could find.)

But what about something that gives you more long-term benefit?

We recommend Pinterest, which many use as a travel inspiration and planning search engine, not a social network.

—->> Take the same raw photos and video clips that you used to make an IG or FB Story, and turn them into one of Pinterest’s Idea Pins, which used to be called – you guessed it – Story Pins.

Sheila did this recently as a part of some paid content creation client work for the Waco, Texas Convention & Visitors Bureau. Click here to see one of her Instagram Stories saved as a Highlight, and below are the same raw photos that she then turned into an Pinterest Idea Pin, and we embedded here. You can see that there are fewer sticker options on Pinterest than for Instagram Stories, so text inserts do most of the work…

Pin stats as of this writing – 1,730 impressions, 10 Pin clicks, and 6 profile visits. Not too bad considering Sheila’s not super-active on Pinterest, AND this Pin has only been up since November 28, 2021.


Since Pinterest is a search engine, pay particular attention to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in your Pin titles and any Notes or descriptions.

You can create Idea Pins on desktop or mobile, but make sure you have the Pinterest app on your phone for maximum flexibility.

Now, the great thing about Pinterest is that it drives traffic, because Pins can be linked to one of your blog posts or website pages. You can’t do links in Idea Pins, though, so they’re more of a general brand awareness move.

October 2023 update – yes, you can now add a link to an Idea Pin. Yay!

What you CAN do for even more long-term benefit is to take each photo or video or text frame from an Idea Pin, and post it as a separate, stand-alone Pin linked back to a blog post or website page.

Here below is a screenshot from our Story Archive of each of the photos in a Facebook Story about public art that we recently ran from our Tourism Currents Facebook Page. We could turn all of them into a multi-part Idea Pin, then each photo could become a new regular Pin, linked to wherever you want to drive traffic . . .

Screenshot of Tourism Currents Facebook Page public art Story elements sections in archive for repurposing ideas

We don’t recommend using the IG or FB versions of the Story photos with the sticker graphics/buttons on them, because those graphics aren’t clickable on Pinterest like they would be on IG or FB, and you’ll confuse people. Just post a good version of the original photo with a descriptive SEO-ized title, and link back to the amplifying information on your website.


You could create a Pinterest Board of all Idea Pins, like a collection of mini-guides around town.

Again, regular Pinterest Pins can bring you traffic for years – this week Sheila saw someone save one of her Pins from a 2007 blog post. 😮

Get More Out of Reels with YouTube Shorts

Everyone’s piling into short videos with music, to compete with TikTok. That’s why Instagram and Facebook are pushing their Reels video product.

IF your visitor, guest, or customer market is on TikTok, have some fun creating content there if it makes sense for your marketing goals, but again, do not make content for only one platform. Repurpose and re-create on other social channels.

That’s why we say you should park your tourism marketing videos on your YouTube channel, to give them more staying power, and we like the idea of reproducing short video content using YouTube’s TikTok and Reels competitor, YouTube Shorts.

Why? Because YouTube (owned by Google) is the most-used social channel across all age demographics, and it is the second-largest search engine in the world.

You can only make YouTube Shorts on mobile, though, so make sure you have the regular YouTube app plus the YouTube Studio app installed on your phone.

Sheila tried this by taking a simple Reel that she made for Instagram featuring cards in a Waco letterpress paper goods shop, and then turned it into her Short. She used the same raw video file on her phone, and the same music (Joe Cocker’s “The Letter”) but was careful to use the YouTube music library’s copy of Cocker’s song for her Short, to avoid any possible bans from music copyright issues.

Here is the 12-second Short . . .

October 2023 update – well, that’s annoying. YouTube pulled the video down for some reason. Here is one instead from Anchorage, Alaska, that is also a repurposed IG Reel: 


One of our frustrations with Stories and Reels, especially on Facebook, is that it is hard to find your own Story or Reel after you’ve posted so you can see how it looks, like you can with a normal FB post. You sort of have to “trust” that it’s out there somewhere in your follower News Feeds.

Pardon us for skepticism, but that isn’t going to cut it. We don’t want magic; we want data.

We want to easily see our work “out in the wild” and we also want a shareable URL for each piece of content; one that doesn’t “die” after 24 hours like the URLs for Facebook Stories.

In pleasant contrast, your Pinterest and YouTube posts are right there, easy to find, with plenty of stats and analytics, and they last over time.

Update April 2023 – It also took us awhile to figure out how to embed Shorts, because clicking Share doesn’t give you an embed code as with regular YouTube videos. Instead, you right-click on the video. A-HA.

Final Tip to Make More Content in Less Time Work For You

Try to take both horizontal and vertical versions of the photos and videos that you plan to share on social media, and in your emails and blog posts. This will give you maximum flexibility to use the vertical where it works best (like Instagram, Facebook Stories and Reels, Pinterest Pins, and YouTube Shorts) and horizontal where it works best (like regular YouTube videos that you embed in your blog posts or emails, most regular Facebook video posts, Twitter, and LinkedIn.)

—->>  You can create a lot of different types of content across multiple platforms with, say, 4-6 photos related to a topic theme (food, the arts, outdoor adventures) each shot both vertically and horizontally, and 1-3 short video clips related to that theme, each also shot both vertically and horizontally.

With a nice pile of good raw photo and video files, you can be unstoppably creative as you mix and match!

What is your favorite content repurposing or re-creation idea? Tell us about it in the comments…

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