Content repurposing examples: Instagram and a blog

Content repurposing examples from a blog post using Instagram carousel slides image files screenshot
Carousel images ready to go, thanks to graphic design help from one of our favorites,

You know we’re all about more content in less time.

Except for those with unlimited budget and gobs of staff , no one has time to craft bespoke content for multiple social media accounts, plus email and a blog.

Blasting out the exact same content everywhere at the exact same time isn’t going to work, either. Why would anyone follow you on more than one platform, then?

We love showing clients and social media workshop attendees content repurposing examples, and how to mix things up and reach a variety of audiences by creating new pieces of content out of work they’ve already done.

Instagram carousels are a simple way to repurpose ideas and information from long form content.

Here’s how . . .

Blog Post into Instagram Carousel

In case you missed it, here is our guest post about how to turn blog posts into lots of different social media posts, for the Main Street America blog.

We pulled out a chunk of that guest post and made it into this Instagram carousel embedded below.



Carousel graphics text limitations, similar to Twitter, force you to get your point across as powerfully as possible in a small space, in a way that inspires people to keep swiping for more info.

BUT . . . you know that is not all we could do with that guest blog post, right?

Always think about presenting the same information using different media formats.

We could make the blog post into a video using Lumen5, and an audio file using Podbean, too.

Instagram Carousel into Blog Post

For more content repurposing examples, let’s talk about starting with small bits of digital content and making something bigger out of it.

First, Sheila posted this Tourism Currents IG carousel with ideas to promote a new mural.

Then, she expanded on that information and wrote a post for her personal blog: 8 ways to promote a new mural or public art piece on social media.

Here is the rest of the story, though.

Those ideas about promoting art works started out as a cultural and heritage tourism handout for a state Main Street digital marketing workshop.

That handout then became this blog post – heritage and cultural tourism social media post ideas.

There are so many ideas in the blog post, we knew that we could split up and rearrange parts of it into new content.

Sheila pulled out just the art-related section, then made our IG carousel from the various ideas in that, then took the wording from each carousel slide to create an almost-writes-itself draft blog post.

More recently, the original heritage/cultural tourism blog post has morphed into a slide deck for one of the social media workshop topics offered on our Speaking page.

It’s also not a bad idea to think about how the information could be delivered with more imagery in a Story, or a Pinterest Pin.

Always think about how you can repurpose EVERYTHING. More content, less time.

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