Check your social media icon buttons

Screenshot of social media icon buttons on a website
Which of these social media icon buttons belong on your website?


Here is a quick self-audit idea.

We see this all the time when we do our expert social media audit for a client.

Their website’s social media icon buttons have one of the following problems:

  • At least one of the icons goes to the wrong social media platform.
  • When you do click through and get a correct platform, it obviously isn’t active and hasn’t been in months/years.
  • We find out later that the client IS active on a particular social platform, but there’s no button for it on their website.

It’s an easy mistake to make.

Organizations don’t redesign their websites all that often, so what was fine a few years ago may have changed. Or, in the rush to check everything after a redesign, small things may be overlooked. Or, if you decide to become active on a social platform, you may forget to add its icon to your website.

If you have a “dead” social platform, though, fix that.

Either incorporate it back into your content calendar planning process, or if it isn’t a fit for your marketing goals any more, make it clear in the account’s bio writeup that it is no longer an active account and where else to find you.

Don’t just leave it hanging out there with the last post dated months or years ago. That does your brand no favors.

Want a deeper dive from us?

Here is how our expert social media audit can help you.

Meanwhile, check your buttons!

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