Can colorful Facebook text posts get more engagement?

Facebook text posts example screenshot Social Media Examiner Facebook Page
We noticed something that Social Media Examiner is doing on their Facebook Page - text posts. Lots of them.

Update 29 June 2023 – they’re still doing a lot of text posts, and it still seems to work for them.

Is it getting harder and harder to get good engagement on your Facebook Page?

We’ve noticed that as well.

Yes, Facebook is a “pay to play” environment if you want to make sure that lots of your followers actually see your Page posts. Organic, or unpaid, reach is a struggle.

Although Leslie is not seeing much of a drop-off on one of the destination Pages she manages, we are seeing less and less engagement on our own Tourism Currents Facebook Page, even though we use every technique we teach others.

Video used to be the answer, especially Facebook Live, but when we really dug into our Page Insights analytics, that is not working as well as it used to, at least for us.

What DOES often do well for us are simple text posts with a colorful background that ask a question, or make a statement that invites discussion.

You can create these in Canva, or you can use the Facebook-provided background colors and designs. Keep it short and punchy if you do that – there is a character limit (about 130) before the background color option goes away.

Update Dec 2022 – LinkedIn is rolling out a similar colorful text post feature, called “template posts”

You can still do longer text-only posts with a plain background, of course, but the background colors really do “stop the scroll” and catch the eye.

In the past week, as you can see in our screenshot image at the top of this post, we noticed that almost everything on the Social Media Examiner Facebook Page was a text post using Facebook’s colorful backgrounds.

These posts are getting lots of engagement for them, including Shares, which are better than Likes or Comments to get the Facebook algorithm to pay attention to your content.

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Now, as we always say in our social media workshops and digital marketing breakouts at conferences, THERE ARE NO MAGIC BEANS. We are not telling you to drop whatever you’re doing and only do text posts on your Page.

We ARE saying that if you haven’t tried them lately, it might be time to incorporate more of them into your social media content planning calendar.

What are your thoughts about text posts on Facebook? Let us know in a comment.

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