Build a quick video using photos you already have

Florida journalist Lucy Morgan circa 1985 (courtesy Florida Memory on Flickr Commons)

Git ‘er done, Old School video style. Florida journalist Lucy Morgan circa 1985 (courtesy Florida Memory on Flickr Commons)

Are you ready to get started with video, but are short on either skill or time?

We’ve had a Tourism Currents YouTube channel since we launched our business in 2009, but it lay around kinda sad and unattended in recent years.

To get us back on track, we’ve started shooting a few short videos again, mostly for our YouTube playlist Quick Tips From Tourism Experts; solid bits of advice on all sorts of destination marketing topics.

(We also upload the same video directly to our Facebook Page and our Twitter account, and usually embed it in a blog post, too. Why create content that only sits in one place?)

The video that was really out of date, though, was our own “About Us” video. It quickly explains who we are and what we do: social media training and education for tourism.

We’d made it using a service called Animoto, which takes photos you already have and sets them into a theme with music.

More content in less time – our famous Chocolate Milkshake theory of workflow. 🙂

Since our co-founder Becky McCray stepped away from Tourism Currents a couple of years ago to focus on speakingSaveYour.Town rural revitalization, and Small Biz Survival (small business success in small towns) it was high time to update our Animoto video.

We still liked the look and feel of the old one, so we made the update easy on ourselves.

After logging into our account – we use one of the paid versions of Animoto for US$96 per year – we hit Copy on the old video, then swapped out several photos and tweaked the wording on some of the slides.

Here is the result….

We recommend Animoto to help you get started with video, or if you already have a pile of destination, attraction, or hotel photos that could help you tell your story even better, if they were made into a video.


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Graphic for July 2017 #tourismchat on group tours

Join us for the July 18 #tourismchat

This month’s chat topic is “Not Your Grandma’s Group Tour” so make sure your Sales folks know about it!

Join us on Twitter for a special nighttime chat on Tuesday, July 18 at 8 p.m. Central for this open, informative discussion. You’ll learn a lot and meet fellow travel and tourism pros.

#tourismchat has a Facebook Page if you want to keep up with chat announcements and let us know you’re attending.

Update – here is the chat transcript.

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