Are you ready for media coverage?

Magazines at a newsstand representing tourism media coverage and PR courtesy Tim Dennell on Flickr Creative Commons
The media landscape is large and diverse, online and off. Are you ready when your destination, attraction, hotel, or business is about to get some media attention? (photo courtesy Tim Dennell on Flickr Creative Commons)

We usually aren’t able to pick a time to get media coverage. The opportunity can be unexpected, and it often requires a rapid response to a deadline.

Are you ready?

When a journalist or public relations pro or writer/blogger or videographer wants to tell a story about your destination, they almost always need current photos and video to go along with it.

If they didn’t shoot their own, they’ll ask you for those media assets.

Are you ready to provide them immediately, “on a dime” as our friend Shelly says below?

Where are your five high-quality, ready-to-go photos that Shelly mentions in this 30-second video?

When our co-founder Sheila spoke at the recent Nebraska state tourism conference, she heard travel journalist and meterologist Jennifer Broome on a panel that talked about media coverage and working with content creators.

Jennifer reminded the destinations in the room to have photos and video of their towns during each season, and some from major events, too. “Any video should be fast and snappy,” she said.

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Finally, we heard about this topic from one of our long-time readers, Nancy Foster with Foster Tourism Marketing and also a freelance writer.

She has not had the greatest experiences with some destinations, y’all. 😬

Nancy told us,

“I’m writing for several magazines now and a number of my writer friends and I complain continually that we cannot get good cooperation from many DMO’s and CVB’s – either no response at all, or not what we need. As I write this, I’m on the fourth day waiting for a response from a contracted PR agency that is being paid quite well!

And, as far as an image library – I often find images in photo galleries that are noticeably outdated. In this day and age, it’s not difficult to find good area photographers and videographers for content. The investment will pay off!”

Note that both Shelly and Nancy use the word “investment” because that’s exactly what it is.

Don’t go cheap on the media assets that can do so much to help you attract more visitors, guests, or customers.


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