April 2010 – LinkedIn for Tourism

Doors are opening (courtesy emma dot kate at Flickr CC)We are glad you’ve taken the time to stop by and join us for a minute!

Thanks so much for your support as we wrap up the first sessions of our comprehensive online lessons in social media for tourism.  We are busily getting ready to reopen our doors in May for the next classes.

We plan to change things up a bit and offer everything from a one-lesson Introductory Workshop, to short courses (“All the Basics” and “The Results Multipliers”) to an option to sign up for the full six month course.

We think that we have some of the premiere social media learning materials available anywhere (multi-part lessons, videos, a forum, live Q&A with us) and we keep it up to date and laser-focused specifically on tourism.

Details to follow….

Why LinkedIn

Update Feb 2019 – here’s our latest LinkedIn post – building a successful LinkedIn Page for tourism

For this month’s newsletter, we’d like to focus on a social networking site that is pretty common among professionals – often it is the first one they join – LinkedIn.

Now, LinkedIn might not be the first site you think of as a valuable resource for tourism and destination marketing, but we’d like you to reconsider and let us help you take another look. It is the online equivalent to a resume or a company bio, but with the added advantage of enabling you to fill in more details and also to connect with other professionals, make recommendations and referrals plus get or give advice.

(Pssst – it’s a really good way to get your feet wet in the give-and-take of social media, without feeling too dorky. No one will SuperPoke you there like they might on Facebook.)

Connecting on LinkedIn is rather like exchanging business cards, but virtually.  We don’t recommend getting too carried away with network size.  Some people take pride in connecting to anyone else with a pulse, but as always, it isn’t the raw numbers in your network, it’s the relevance.

Don’t just connect with the people in your office; look for new connections from that stack of business cards you get at conferences and business events.

Finding Tourism Connections on LinkedIn

Here’s how to use LinkedIn for professional development and tourism network connections….

Update Feb 2011 – We now have a Company Page for Tourism Currents on LinkedIn – you can follow us there, too.


(Update – Answers is now defunct – too bad, it was a great feature)

Answer questions and ask questions in LinkedIn Answers (do a search first to make sure the same question hasn’t been asked recently.)

There are categories for Business Travel, Conferences and Event Planning and Marketing and Sales to help you get started.

Questions we’ve answered:

  • What’s your favorite yearly conference? (in Professional Networking)
  • Where do I find the best travel blogs? (in Blogging)
  • Business Travelers – What “added value” service are you looking for in hotel rooms? (in Travel Tools)

If your answer is chosen as a Best Answer by the one who asked, that can be shown in your profile (we recommend having your questions and answers visible.)


(Update – LI Events pages are now defunct – another great feature that LI decided to remove 🙁  )

Just as we suggested in our February newsletter about using social media for special event and festival promotion, take advantage of setting up LinkedIn Event Pages and also indicate yourself when you’re attending events, if you’re comfortable doing so.

It helps spread the word, and when someone indicates that they are “Attending” or “Interested” in an event, it shows up in their news feed to their network.

Here is an example: the LinkedIn Event Page for the New Hampshire Governor’s Conference on Tourism.


A quick search of LinkedIn Groups using the keyword “tourism” returns a bunch of related Groups.

This is where you can continue to build connections, learn things and share your own content.

Sample tourism, travel, and hospitality Groups include:

Here are two other resources:

What Else is Going On?

A few other items we don’t want you to miss….

Hashtagged Chats on Twitter

We talked a lot about Twitter in our December 2009 newsletter, Reaching out with outposts.

Hopefully you aren’t missing the biweekly #tourismchat discussions on Twitter – here’s their Facebook Page with a bunch of tourism/CVB videos and blogs based on the last two chat topics.

We’ve also noticed the fun hashtag #HappyInCLE for anyone who’s happy about anything in Cleveland, Ohio.  How much, well, fun is that?!

If your destination has an associated hashtag, make sure you put it….along with your other social media info….on your printed materials/rack cards and all of your websites so that visitors and locals will know to use it.

Finally, keep an eye on the #SOBCon hashtag – it’s for the annual SOBCon conference in Chicago, and at this year’s sold-out event Becky and Sheila are co-presenting a session about how we started Tourism Currents. It’s on the agenda for Friday, April 30, but there’s hashtag action going on right now, so check it out.

Travel Media Expertise

There are two interesting places where you can find all the latest info from a broad range of travel writers and photographers:

  • Tips from the T-List – lots of feeds in multiple languages that “….brings together the collective intelligence of dozens of influential travel industry bloggers from around the World.”
  • Travel Insights 100 –  a “….forum where 100 of the top travel leaders share their thoughts and blog posts.” (Disclosure – Sheila is one of the 100 and is also on the Marketing Advisory Board for its parent site UpTake.)

We Talk Tourism on Tech in Twenty

Becky and Sheila spent a little time during the South by Southwest Interactive (SXSWi) tech conference getting social with Jennifer Navarrete and Luis Sandoval, Jr. of the Tech in Twenty show.

We had a great time talking about how social media can help tourism organizations tell the stories of their destinations.

Please excuse Sheila’s apparent cud-chewing; she was popping throat lozenges to fight off a cough during the taping.

(Update – the video is no longer available.)

Thanks for visiting! Comments, thoughts and feedback are welcome below.


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