12 years in business: THE most important things we’ve learned

Sheila and Leslie Tourism Currents Fremont Street area Las Vegas

We had fun looking for the places in downtown Las Vegas where U2 shot the music video for “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” – never give up looking for what makes you happy and fulfilled.

Holy macaroni, we launched Tourism Currents 12 years ago today!

Want to know the most important things that we’ve learned?

Never stop being curious.

Never stop learning and educating yourself.

Never stop being willing to try something worthwhile, even when you’re terrified. (Yes, there are times when we’re terrified, even after all these years.)

Never stop evaluating whether what you are doing makes sense.

Seriously, y’all, just yesterday on our weekly business call, we looked at the data and decided to step back a bit from one social channel that isn’t really working for us anymore, and ramp up our efforts on a different channel that DOES bring results.

We also revisited two social channels where we’ve claimed our brand name but our accounts are inactive, and we confirmed that, no, it is still not worth our time and effort to start posting there.

There are only 24 hours in a day. You cannot add to your workload without removing or rebalancing something else.

Coming Soon – Your Roadmap to Success
(and More Peace of Mind Because You’ll Have More Focus)

Soon we’ll launch a new product in our Tourism Currents Store. It’s something we are doing right now with two different clients, and we decided to give it a name and offer it to other CVBs, DMOs, and tourism partners.

Update – it’s now available. 👇👇 

It is our “Roadmap Package” – personalized sessions with us that do three things for you:

  • Help you get focused or re-focused on your overall digital destination marketing strategy, and
  • Develop a social media content planning calendar, and
  • Help your tourism partners with their social media and digital marketing, which makes your job easier.

As the name implies, it is a roadmap for your long-term tourism marketing success, no matter what buzzy new platforms come out, or how Facebook decides to move the goalposts this week.

Let us know down in the comments if you have thoughts, questions, or feedback for us. We appreciate you so much, and thank you for 12 terrific years!

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