Late-breaking news….tonight (11 Sept at 8 pm CST) we are going to be hosting one of the biggest, most active Twitter chats….#Blogchat!

Run by social media strategist, trainer and speaker Mack Collier, it’s a fast-paced hour of discussion on Twitter about the topic of blogging. The hosts rotate or if there isn’t a host, it’s “open mic.”

We’ll host #Blogchat with our personal Twitter names @SheilaS and @BeckyMcCray (although I’m sure each of us tweeting as @TourismCurrents will also chime in periodically.)

The topic is blogger connections – we’ve discussed this previously in our Online Champions webinar – and will include:

1 – How do bloggers that have publishing and content-creation skills find companies and organizations that are looking to hire them?  And when they do find the companies, how do bloggers pitch themselves?

2 – How do companies and organizations that want to hire content creators find them AND how do they vet their skills?  Also, how do they determine an acceptable compensation rate?

Go to Twitter’s search engine and type in the hashtag #Blogchat a bit before 8 pm Central; you’ll see the hashtagged tweets already rolling. Jump into the Q&A with your thoughts!

The chat moves quickly, so if you already have a Twitter account you may want to try a more powerful tool to keep up – TweetChat, created by our Texas-based friend Brooks Bennett. You log in with your Twitter account, put in the #Blogchat hashtag and you can see everything auto-refresh. If it gets too crazy, there’s a Refresh Speed tab with a slider so you can pick a slower refresh rate.

Hope you can join us!


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