Washing with clean safe water (courtesy Passports with Purpose)

Washing with clean safe water (courtesy Passports with Purpose)

You know how we’ve talked a lot about outreach to bloggers? About how it makes a lot more sense to build relationships by finding out what interests them and supporting it, rather than firing away with email blasts and press releases?

It’s a “money where the mouth is” moment – we’re proud to announce that for the first time, we’re joining in as bloggers ourselves to support Passports with Purpose, the annual travel blogging community fundraiser.

Last year, Passports raised enough money (mostly in US$10 increments) to build two libraries in Zambia in partnership with Room to Read. This year, their partner is Water.org  to raise US$100,000 (yes, that’s six big ol’ figures, but we’ll get it done) to build five water wells in two communities – Boucan Carre and Mirebalais – in Haiti.

Passports with PurposeMany of us do not give much thought to the miracle of a clean, reliable water source. Turn the tap and the stuff’s just there, right? Wrong. For so much of the world it is never that easy, but we can help make the situation a little better.

We’re big fans of #PwP because fundraiser participants can see exactly where their money goes. Projects are clear, concrete and tangible. Even better, the PwP volunteer crew goes to see them when they’re done and reports back, giving a real sense of connection and satisfaction.

Joining in as a host blogger for Passports is our own small contribution to helping a good cause, to continuing to act as a bridge between tourism organizations and bloggers, and to helping shine a light on the special destination that has generously donated a prize for us to feature here.

How it works….

In addition to the great offer we’re showcasing below, you can browse through this full list of travel-related prizes and bid for chances to win whichever ones appeal to you.  At the end of the fundraiser – it runs through December 11, 2012 – one winner of each prize will be randomly selected from all of those who have bid for it.

A $10 donation per bid is suggested, but if you don’t want to make a donation, mail one self addressed stamped envelope to: Passports with Purpose, P.O. Box 16102, Seattle WA 98116.  Include the name of the prize you are entering to win.

Lake Arrowhead CA in summer (courtesy LARTA)A huge thank you to LARTA (Lake Arrowhead Resort and Tourism Association – our training team member Leslie McLellan is a founder) who sponsored the 2012 prize package featured here on Tourism Currents:  a fabulous getaway to Lake Arrowhead, California which includes all of these goodies:

**  One night stay in an Alpine Guestroom at the Four Diamond Lake Arrowhead Resort and Spa, and 
**  Two tickets aboard the Lake Arrowhead Queen tour boat, and
**  A $25 gift certificate to Papagayos Mexican Restaurant & Cantina, and
**  A $25 gift certificate to Just Browsing Gifts and Gallery.

NOTE:   Good  Sunday through Thursday, not good over holidays, advance reservations required, expires Dec. 31, 2013.

Located 90 miles east of Los Angeles and a world away from the city bustle, Lake Arrowhead is a four-season vacation destination with spectacular scenery and gorgeous weather. Recreation and relaxation await you year-round!

Lake Arrowhead Resort and Spa standard King room (photo courtesy the Resort)Are you ready to buy a chance at this prize, or any other to help fund the construction of those wells?

For a chance to win, go here to the PwP Prize List/Donate page and follow the directions.

What happens in Haiti when a new well goes in? A celebration like this one….

We’d also like to thank the generous sponsors of Passports with Purpose 2012:


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