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Tourism Currents social media training team at Genius Shared conference

Sheila Scarborough, Becky McCray, and Leslie McLellan, your social media personal trainers at Tourism Currents (photo courtesy Shashi Bellamkonda at the Genius Shared conference)

We teach communities how to use digital destination marketing

to attract their perfect visitor

We offer value-packed online courses that you can work through at your convenience (access never expires) in addition to in-person workshops, consulting and coaching. This is training that respects your time, with enthusiastic professional educators who respect your work!


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Since taking the course I feel much more confident in telling my clients that if they are going to ‘do tourism’ they must do social media …. In short, consider me a big fan of Tourism Currents!”

Carolyn Brackett, Heritage Tourism, National Trust for Historic Preservation

Tourism Currents is your guide for:

  • Putting your town on the map through social media
  • Education targeted for tourism and hospitality pros like you
  • Learning online or in person; we keep the materials up-to-date and fresh, and you’ll always have access to the online course lessons.

Do you know nothing (or almost nothing) about social media? Or, do your CVB/DMO members or partners need some help?

Struggling to keep up with ever-changing tools?

Tourism Currents will help you manage the pace of change.

Looking for bloggers or searching for online media coverage for your destination?

Tourism Currents shows you where the bloggers are and who is ready to be your online champion.

Want our personal support for consulting and coaching?

Leslie McLellan, Sheila Scarborough and Becky McCray; the social media personal trainers who work for you.

Leslie McLellan, Sheila Scarborough & Becky McCray; professional social media educators who work for you.

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National Scenic Byway Foundation

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